Jesper Søegaard from the Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) chats with Sean Callanan about the digital transformation at the DBU and how they have engaged grassroots football community via Driblr app.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • A brief background about Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU)
  • The challenges in the digital and commercial space for Danish football
  • The importance of data for their partners and sponsors
  • The biggest lesson they learned in building the Driblr app
  • How they are supporting grassroots football through their app Driblr
  • Creating a balance between engagement and advertising
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Our fave quote from Jesper Søegaard interview

“Building an app is always super complicated and you've got all kinds of different challenges going forward. I think my biggest lesson was keeping it simple and focusing on the key value in the creative field.”

Jesper Søegaard on building the Driblr app

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About Jesper Søegaard

Jesper Søegaard started his career in the advertising industry in 2009. He was a copywriter back in the day when he got fascinated with the digital world. Since then he started working on CRM campaigns, email marketing and digital marketing for a big car company.

In 2014, he was called by a friend who asked him to join Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) to create a big digital journey. This started his career in DBU and in sports. He was first responsible for ticketing, fans, CRM and data. He is now the Digital Commercial Manager, creating value for DBU and partners through innovative digital solutions. He is also involved in building the Driblr app which recently won the UEFA Grow award for the Creativity and Innovation special category.

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Highlights from podcast with Jesper Søegaard

4:01 Jesper Søegaard tells us more about Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU)

5:45 How Jesper’s career started and what his role at DBU entails

8:03 What the digital landscape at DBU looked like in 2014

9:50 What areas did Jesper focused on when he started his role at DBU

13:58 The challenges they faced in a commercial standpoint

18:46 The importance of CRM data for DBU partners and sponsors

22:22 The main value proposition for Driblr

25:05 How Driblr is supporting grassroots football

26:59 How they create the balance in fan engagement and advertising

29:08 The biggest lesson in building an app

33:18 Sports Geek Closing Five

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