In this episode of Sports Geek Sean Callanan interviews Portland Trailblazers' Dewayne Hankins:

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Dewayne's sports business journey from Wild, Kings to Blazers
  • How the digital remit widened from just content
  • Why Blazers fans & brand are co connected
  • What does an Innovation Officer do?
  • Why this podcast was rescheduled and what it was like when NBA shut down
  • How Dewayne and team managed WFH and COVID lockdown
  • Impact of Black Lives Matter on Blazers community and organisation and what they are doing now
  • What is it like covering a team in NBA Bubble
Dewayne Hankins - Portland Trailblazers

Listen to Dewayne Hankins from Portland Trailblazers

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