On this week's episode, Sean catches up with Jack Elkins, Director of Innovation at Orlando Magic. Jack returns to the podcast to chat with Sean about innovation and how the Orlando Magic innovate without relying on big budgets.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Why Jack's highest goal is “Building creative leaders and fostering innovation in sports”
  • What the team at Orlando Magic do to get into the innovation mindset
  • How the innovation process has evolved at the Magic
  • The spin off effect of cross functional teams working on innovation projects
Jack Elkins on how sports teams can and must innovate

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Highlights from podcast with Jack Elkins

05:36 Jack looks back on his first episode of Sports Geek

06:00 Jack’s innovation goal

08:04 Neuroscience and creative thinking

11:32 Jack talks about the innovation process in Orlando Magic

12:52 The three elements of Orlando Magic innovation projects

14:21 How they use the challenges of office locations to their benefit

17:02 How their process helped them build upon sponsor partnerships

18:43 Orlando Magic’s definition of innovation

20:13 Jack talks about their internal and external strategies for innovation

24:51 The importance of prototyping

26:03 Jack’s good reason for not participating in social media

29:31 How getting out of your comfort zone can help you learn different markets

34:24 What they have learned for the past four years

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Thanks for the review on iTunes

Really enjoyable and thoroughly researched poddie!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by DanielAP51 from Australia on November 7, 2017

Just started following and really got a lot out of it. Thank you.

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