Sean Callanan chats with Colin Kelly from the Los Angeles Football Club about digital and building a fan base that now fills the Banc of California Stadium.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Colin Kelly on his journey into digital and sports business industry
  • What it was like working in digital during the early sports web space
  • The challenges of building a fan base
  • How do they integrate fan opinion and stories into their digital efforts
  • How they leverage social ad platforms
  • What is the 3252 Supporters' Group and how it all started
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Our fave quote from Colin Kelly interview

This has become our mantra that we're now putting it on merch – Street by street. Block by block. One by one. If we can make that one fan, he tells his friend and tell to another one. It became a very grassroots thing.

Colin Kelly on the early days of building the LAFC community

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About Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly has over 14 years of experience in connecting with sports executives, producers, content providers and developers. He has been able to deliver influential messages for well-known names in sports.

Colin's career in sports started through an internship where producing blog content, photos, videos, fan commentary and web development for the University website. After his stint at the Uni, he moved in to a role at National Hockey League working on content, covering live games and being the ‘go-to' problem solver for the teams in the league.

He took a break from the league scene for a while and worked on news and commentary at the CBS Local in New York and founded his own digital newsletter UpStrt. In 2015, he joined the New York City Football Club and managed their digital platforms, pages, applications and website content. Today, Colin continues to do his passion for digital as the Vice President of Digital for the Los Angeles Football Club.

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Highlights from podcast with Colin Kelly

3:21 How Colin Kelly got into the sports business industry

6:09 Transitioning from journalism to a league role at the National Hockey League

6:56 What digital was like in the early sports web space at NHL

11:58 How his digital role at the New York City Football Club opened new opportunities at the Los Angeles Football Club

14:19 What are the challenges in building a fan base for LAFC

18:00 The impact of moving to the Banc of California Stadium for the team

19:31 How does the digital team work with other departments to fill in the stadium seats

21:06 Getting full fan support from The 3252 Club

24:35 Colin on how they are producing high quality content

28:01 Finding conversion success in LAFC Facebook and Instagram

35:47 How do they keep fans engaged to their digital content

39:47 LAFC’s partnership with Youtube TV

40:44 Getting inspiration from the community

41:16 Sports Geek Closing Five

50:46 Sean gives an overview on a quick #SportsGeekTrip and presentation at the NSF

55:36 Gravitas partnership with Pickstar. Read full details here

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