In this episode of Sports Geek Sean Callanan interviews Riot Games' LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley:

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Chris found himself move from a law office to running an esports league
  • How the LCS has evolved to find it's voice with fans & sponsors and how popular LCS is with 18-34 market in USA
  • Why LCS implemented changes to the 2021 schedule to bring more games & competition for highly valued spots to Worlds
  • Changes to NA grassroots pathways to enable more players (even those from Australia & New Zealand) enter LCS ranks
  • Newly formed LCO replacing the OPL and the opportunities for LCO teams like Gravitas.
Chris Greeley on Sports Geek

Listen to LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley on Sports Geek

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Check out what the LCS is creating in 2021 with new voice

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LCO starting on Feb 23

Gravitas ready to go with new #GravitasSquad

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