Sean catches up with NBA 2K League‘s Brendan Donohue at the NBA headquarters in New York to discuss season one and the impact of esports on NBA teams, fans and sponsors.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Brendan Donohue on his sportsbiz background that led him to NBA
  • What traditional sports can learn from esports
  • How the NBA 2K League players prepare for the games
  • NBA 2K League and Twitch partnership
  • First Sports Geek Nation meetup in NYC
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Brendan Donohue quote

Of all the things traditional sports can learn from esports, the biggest one is the notion of modern broadcast. This idea of listening to fans in real time and making adjustments into the digital product potentially further customise fan experience.

Brendan Donohue

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About Brendan Donohue

Brendan Donohue has 22 years experience in the sports industry. He started his career in sports working on the team business mostly revenue side which lasted for thirteen years. He eventually found himself working in the NBA Offices working with the team marketing operations group helping team drive their local businesses. This led him to his current role at the NBA 2K League as a Managing Director.

Thanks again to Brendan Donohue from NBA 2K League for being this week's guest

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Highlights from podcast with Brendan Donohue

3:08 What Brendan Donohue has learned in the first season of NBA 2K League

4:04 The NBA 2K League’s KPIs

7:35 What traditional sports can learn from esports

8:20 Brendan’s sports background

9:23 How they are engaging sponsors and partners

10:35 The significance of endemic and non-endemic brands and products in esports

12:03 How the NBA 2K League players prepare for the games

14:19 Brendan on developing esports content to engage fans

15:25 How the NBA 2K League players engage in social media

16:12 The plans for building infrastructures – stadiums and arenas for esports

18:30 NBA 2K League and Twitch partnership

18:58 Sports Geek Closing Five

26:05 Sean chat more about the latest #SportsGeekTrip in the US

30:12 Sports Geek Nation members first meetup in NYC

33:18 Digital to Dollars – is now live

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★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Fitzymate from USA on March 31, 2017

A must listen for anyone working on the sports industry. Sean covers a raft of topics with a strong focus on digital, marketing, sponsorship in the sports industry. He discusses these topics with a wide array of guests from multiple markets. As a result you always have something new to learn and to look to put to work whether you work agency, league or team side. Keep it up Sean!

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