On this week's episode, Sean chats with Cayle Drabinsky Director of Business Operations and Co-Director of Bucks Gaming. Sean and Cayle chat about NBA 2K League Season 1, esports and integrating Bucks Gaming into the Milwaukee Bucks business.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Cayle Drabinsky on how his role at Milwaukee Bucks evolved through the years
  • How the Bucks Gaming team prepared for their NBA 2K League entry
  • What opportunities they see from esports that will benefit Bucks' business
  • How they leverage their digital team working on Bucks Gaming
  • How they support the NBA 2K League players on health and wellness
  • Launch of Sports Geek Nation, listen to podcast to find out how you can join as a Foundation member
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Sean Callanan Speaks

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Cayle Drabinsky

3:20 Cayle Drabinsky’s role at the Bucks prior to NBA 2K League launch

5:48 The advantages of integrating NBA 2K League to the Bucks’ business

7:14 How they prepared to form the Bucks’ 2K League team

10:25 Cayle on how they support their players in terms of health and wellness

12:30 The opportunities NBA 2K League offers to Milwaukee Bucks

17:26 The advantages of Twitch broadcast on engagement point of view

20:26 How esports open doors for sponsorship and brands

22:11 Leveraging the Bucks Gaming digital team

27:24 The team’s goals for NBA 2K League Season 1

30:10 How the players compete in the esports tournament

31:36 The Buck’s future plans on their esports venture

32:14 Sports Geek Closing Five

38:04 Sean announces Sports Geek Nation Foundation membership, listen in to find out how you can join

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