On this week's episode, Sean chats with Cameron Schwab, Founder and CEO of designCEO. Sean and Cameron discuss his 25 years within AFL clubs as CEO and what he has learned about leadership, trust and culture that he applies at his new business designCEO.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How the rise in the professionalism in the AFL itself has changed the role of a CEO
  • The importance to have authenticity in your leadership
  • What three questions Cameron asks himself to measure his effectiveness as a CEO
  • The exclusive CEO series that Cameron is running at designCEO that Sean attended last week
  • Cameron's CEO mantra “Never forget how hard it is”
Cameron Schwab on Leadership, Trust and Culture - CEO Series

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Highlights from Cameron Schwab podcast

2.42 Back story on Sean and Cam’s first meeting

5.23 Cam talks about his recruiting role for Melbourne Football Club

8.14 How his football CEO career started with the Richmond Tigers

11.40 Leveraging his leadership as a young CEO

18.25 Strategically building the organization’s capability

20.47 The 3 Main Questions he asks himself as a leader

21.23 First question: What does a role expect of me?

22.34 Second question: What do I expect of the role?

25.30 Third question: What do I expect of myself?

27.54 The difference between business and sports at Cam’s point of view

28.25 His main influencers in the 25 years he worked as a CEO

31.35 His take on the Eagle’s social media team sign off after their Super Bowl win

38.21 His four-phase digital strategy for football clubs

41.09 His advice to students/people who want to get into sports

49.00 Why “trust” in people involved in the organization matters

49.56 What led him to create designCEO

51.42 Sports Geek Closing Five

60.05 Sean’s own take on the Cam’s 3 Main Questions

60.10 Sean helps athlete groups or coaching groups training them on social media best practice

60.11 Catch Sean in Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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“Don’t just aspire to be a leader, honour the role, aspire to make a difference”. @danielakav took this photo last night while attending our exclusive leadership event last night at @workclub. Daniela is a young leader who took up the invitation for CEOs, MDs, Founders and Directors to attend an Exclusive CEO experience, built for CEOs, by CEOs, with CEOs. They are held on Wednesday evenings at Work Club, a wonderful space in the Melbourne CBD. My goal is much more than an 'engaged' experience. My hope is that you will be reaching for your pen, writing down quotes and messages, taking photos of the slides and models that are presented, and immediately seek ways to introduce the learnings to your organisations. There is no charge, as we understand the value of your time. If you are leader, interested in attending a CEO Evening, we still have a few places available. Please register at http://www.designceo.com.au/exclusive-event/. ______________________________________ “From success to significance” www.designCEO.com.au [email protected] 0411 860 931 #leader #leadership #ceo #mentor #coach #aspire #belief #honour #honor

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“When your eyes are tired, the world looks tired” David Whyte . This was a self-portrait I drew to reflect the ‘tired eyes’ syndrome of being a CEO. . When your eyes are tired, you stop seeing possibilities. You lose confidence, in yourself and your people. Perhaps most significantly, you lose your nerve, don't show the courage (and clear-headedness) required to face up to the ambiguity and complexity of your leadership role, thereby putting yourself and your organisation in danger of defaulting to the path of least resistance. . When I feel this way as a leader, I try to focus on what gives me energy. I know that simply trying to 'will' my way through will never be the answer. . We are energised by the parts of the role we genuinely enjoy and do well, and often they were the attributes that got us the job in the first place. . Give yourself permission to spend time back in this place. . The inbox can wait. . Leverage your capabilities, rebuild your confidence, and remind yourself of why you love what you do. _______________________________________ If you are leader, interested in attending our exclusive CEO Evenings, we still have a few places available. . Please register at https://lnkd.in/gu4nESt. [email protected] 0411 860 931 #mentor #ceo #leader #leadership #drawing #wacom #sketch #courage #afl #football #game leverage

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As leaders we need heroes. Not the football kicking, guitar slinging or cape wearing heroes of our childhood, although they have their place, but that person who we can approach with confidence just when our own confidence is getting shaky. There is most likely something on your mind now that you need to resolve, but it is not only the complexity and ambiguity of the issue that can overwhelm, but your growing sense of isolation. So go find yourself a hero. Someone you can trust, both their character as well as their expertise and experience. But that is only half of your responsibility. Make yourself available to be a hero. You have the requisite character, expertise and experience. I was fortunate to grow up with a larger than life hero - AFL Hall of Fame Coach Tom Hafey. Yes he had many wonderful personal attributes, but what made him special was his accessibility. Tommy made himself available to be a hero, and many, many people took him up on that offer. So go find one, and go be one. ____________________________________________ “From success to significance” www.designCEO.com.au [email protected] 0411 860 931 #leader #leadership #learners #teach #coach #mentor #hero #tommy #tigers #afl @richmond_fc @afl @aflwomens @aflplayers

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High Quality Podcast!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by FrothOverSport from Australia on October 30, 2017

I have been listening to Sports Geek for the past 18 months and while not involved in Sports Digital myself, I am heavily interested in the area. Sean's enjoyment and knowledge of sport and digital comes through in the podcast, which is highly motivating for me personally.

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