On this week's episode, Sean dives in the C2 Melbourne Ball Pool to chat with Western Bulldogs AFLW team stars Bonnie Toogood and Brooke Lochland.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Bonnie and Brooke's sporting journey to AFLW
  • How they are balancing creativity and structure when playing footy
  • How the Western Bulldogs AFLW team quickly bonded over many brunches
  • Sean speaks about C2 launch in Melbourne from the Ball Pool
  • Sean looking forward to attending C2 Montreal and perhaps meeting Snoop Dogg
  • Find out how you can connect with Sean in San Francisco and Montreal
AFLW players leading the way for girls to play footy

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Highlights from podcast with Bonnie Toogood & Brooke Lochland

5:00 Brooke Lochland shares her speed skating background before trying AFLW

6:15 Bonnie Toogood shares her netball background and getting back into football

7:37 How AFLW is developing pathways for young girls to play footy

9:02 How Brooke and Bonnie balance creativity and structure on the field

10:39 Bonnie on how bootcamps helped bring the Western Bulldogs team together quickly

12:31 The growth of social media and digital from the athletes’ point of view

13:52 The challenges of being an athlete in a sport that is just starting its journey

17:02 Sean talks more about C2 Melbourne and C2 Montreal

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It was nice to do the interview in the big ball pool at #C2MEL18 launch

COO Martin Enault on C2 Melbourne launch

Well done Brooke

A memorable premiership weekend

These Bulldogs premiership rings look awesome

C2 Melbourne launch recap

Thanks for the review on iTunes

Great to learn off

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Flippa413 from Australia on April 27, 2018

Great guests who share plenty. Always plenty to learn