Sean Callanan chats with Zack Klima from WaitTime on how his business grew from the idea to miss hockey action to roll out in stadiums around the world. Learn how the Wait Time business grew and the important steps to ensure they could keep up with demand while growing.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • The WaitTime origin story
  • What technologies they are using to determine crowd movements
  • How the digital signage in stadiums help improve fan experience
  • How WaitTime opens possibilities for sponsorship and activation
  • Plans for expansion in other markets
Learn more about sports venues with Zachary Klima from WaitTime

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Zack Klima on building WaitTime

The light bulb moment for me was I was in line at a Red Wings game when a game winning goal happened. And so I was pretty mad about it ‘coz I had spent all the money I had at that time to buy a playoff ticket. And so I said, the cliche, there must be a better way. And so my original idea was where could you put wait times in the hands of all fans of that after event on a mobile device. So that was my original idea was at your seat, can you know what the wait times are in real time.

Zack Klima, WaitTime

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About Zack Klima

Zachary Klima is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WaitTime.

Prior to WaitTime, Zach was in the field of architecture, design and sales engineering. In 2013, he conceptualised WaitTime a technology that aims to reduce wait times and created better fan experiences in stadiums. That same year, Zack met Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to which he pitch the idea of WaitTime to. This led to WaitTime to be included in Gilbert's business accelerator called Bizdom.

At present, Zack leads the company's global implementation strategy. He oversees the commercial partnerships with leading national and multinational organisations and ensures the sophistication and seamless design of WaitTime.

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Highlights from podcast with Zack Klima

4:58 Zack Klima shares the origin story of WaitTime

8:09 How WaitTime initially looked like

9:54 Using crowd science behaviour to identify line movement

11:22 How WaitTime’s digital signages help improve fan experience

14:10 What does the WaitTime control room looks like

18:33 How using their data helps prevent food spoilage in stadiums

20:10 The key lessons they’ve learned in the business and how WaitTime has evolved

22:13 Who are their primary customers

22:37 How WaitTime contributes to sponsorships and activations

25:16 What their business model looks like and their plans for expansion on other markets

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End – Sounds of the Game from an Aussie esports club at a recent Sydney event

How WaitTime works

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Cool to see how WaitTime became part of the NBA history

Really nice queue algorithm

Nice and neat mobile design

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