Sean Callanan chats with Tim Hayden from Stadia Ventures about startups, sports and innovation. Learn more about the world of startups and how sports teams & leagues can help the sports technology industry grow.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How did Stadia Ventures get started
  • The process of applying for Stadia Ventures Sports Accelerator program
  • The key areas Stadia Ventures can help a sports startup
  • What startups can get from the accelerator program
  • What happens in the Stadia Accelerator program demo day
Learn more about sports venues with Tim Hayden from Stadia Ventures

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Tim Hayden on the genesis of Stadia Accelerator Program

Most of our friends have all risen through the ranks and the common thread underneath is they all want to give back and they really want to help the next generation just like people help them. So that was the genesis of the accelerator program for Stadia.

Tim Hayden, Stadia Ventures

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About Tim Hayden

Tim Hayden is the Co-Founder & Managing Director at Stadia Ventures.

Prior to Stadia Ventures, Tim has always been involved in strategic planning, digital media and marketing. He started out with the United Parcel Services (UPS) which introduced him to sports business as they were engaged more in the sports sponsorship side. After realising he was better suited in startups and small businesses, Tim joined and helped a startup sports marketing agency. Luckily, the agency got tied in with the St. Louis Cardinals which opened a lot of opportunities for both the agency and Tim. He then went on and started his own business called Vivid Sky and SkyBOX to create a mobile application for sports fans anywhere in the world. This went to lead Tim to building Stadia Ventures.

Stadia Ventures is a sports-and esports-focused venture firm with a sports business accelerator. Stadia Accelerator helps establish sports startups get to the next level through the combination of a $100K equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connecting founders to the top sports business executives in the country. They currently have 36 companies in their portfolio.

Aside from Stadia Ventures, Tim also pursues his passion in helping the next generation of students as a Senior Adjunct Professor at Saint Louis University.

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Highlights from podcast with Tim Hayden

6:08 Tim Hayden on how he started in the sports business industry

8:05 How Stadia Ventures started

10:58 What should the startups coming in to the accelerator program start to look for

13:54 How cohorts are working together to achieve success

17:34 The accelerator application process for Stadia Ventures

23:09 What does the accelerator program look like

26:22 What do finalists get from the Stadia Accelerator program

31:00 How the businesses are transformed over the three-month program

32:56 What happens in the Stadia Accelerator program demo day

37:47 Sports Geek Closing Five

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Stadia's Finalist Pitch Day

Some tweets you may have missed:

Good to catch Tim at #SEATDALLAS. Great insights!

Another partnership coming along

Cool to see how Stadia keeps supporting startups like Spalk

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In 1999, Karen was elected to the LET Board of Directors as a Player Director and in 2004 she was elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Karen also mentored many young ALPG players as well as working as a TV commentator at several women’s golf events.

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