Tinus le Roux knows fans via Fancam he knows when they attend and how often they attend. On this podcast Sean & Tinus discuss the differences of computer vision and facial recognition and why it is important to sports business.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Tinus le Roux on how Fancam started and what it offers
  • How Fancam got into the US sports market
  • What computer vision does and why is it important
  • How Fancam differs in capturing data to measure fan engagement
  • How Fancam help sports teams close sponsorship deals
  • Where they see Fancam going in the next 18 months
Learn more from Tinus le Roux about tech and sports

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Tinus le Roux quote

Every time we take one of these pictures, people go look at it and they spend a lot of time there and then learn more about sports and sponsorship. Then we realize that's actually a sponsorship asset.

Tinus le Roux

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Sean Callanan Speaks

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Tinus le Roux

4:30 Tinus le Roux chats about Fancam and how it started

7:03 Working on 360 imaging and VR before Fancam started

19:24 Expanding Fancam installation in different stadiums

20:20 How they are analysing data

20:59 The importance of computer vision in fan engagement

25:14 Why Fan Cam is not doing facial recognition

27:48 Tinus’ insights on managing database for ticketing

31:22 Tinus on their plans for Fancam in the next 12-18 months

32:48 How they work on the pitch for their clients

34:00 How Fan Cam can help you benefit in sponsorship deals

41:31 Sports Geek Closing Five

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More from Tinus le Roux

Thanks for the review on iTunes

Informative and humourous

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by MorryMorgan from Australia on June 2, 2018

Useful for not only sports clubs but for anyone building digital marketing campaigns.

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