Ted Johnson is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Minnesota Timberwolves and has a background in politics that has served him well helping the Minnesota Timberwolves upgrade practice facility and their home court the Target Center.

Ted Johnson Timberwolves CMOOn this podcast you’ll learn from about:

  • How NBA teams are in an arms race for better facilities for players & coaches
  • Importance of partners for Timberwolves to get project up
  • Value of having a facility close to team operations
  • Excitement in Minnesota around the arrival of Andrew Wiggins
  • Why Ricky Rubio recognised my Australian accent
  • What is Dunks after Dark?
  • How the new NBA deal is a win-win for NBA
  • Why I played a game of football with some Socceroos
  • How you can with a Sports Geek T-Shirt.

Resources from the episode

What the Timberwolves have been up to

Follow the Timberwolves

Why Ted and Timberwolves fans are excited

Great turnout to welcome them

Dunks after Dark practice

Some memories of NBA Draft, this bar is now where the new practice facility is.

Why I was so sore recording this podcast

Chasing after these two former Socceroos at AAMI Park – Mark Bosnich and Craig Moore

Social Media Post of the Week

Geography not the Falcons strong suit…

But they do have a sense of humour

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