Sean Callanan chats with Simon Kemp from Kepios about trends & statistics in digital, social, voice & esports.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Simon Kemp on getting a head start into the digital and social media scene
  • The surprising growth in social media usage
  • Why TV is still the second best source to discover new brands and products
  • The rising use of voice recognition and smart speakers
  • The massive growth of esports audience
  • Social media as a news source for the young demographic
  • The latest and the best mobile apps and social media platforms
Learn more about global trends with Simon Kemp from Kepios

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Simon Kemp on why games are the most downloaded apps today

Games are by far the most popular kind of app because there's lots of them. As they make money, you've got lots of people that are playing these games and as those games become more global, more sophisticated and more exciting, you're going to see people dont just want to play them but they want to watch the world's very best playing their games as well.

Simon Kemp, Kepios

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About Simon Kemp

Simon Kemp is the Founder and CEO of Kepios based in Singapore.

He is one who wears many hats as he is not only running his own company but he also works as the Chief Analyst for  DataReportal, an online reference library designed to help people and organisations around the globe to find valuable data, insights and trends needed to understand how people use the internet, mobile devices and apps, social media, e-commerce, and connected tech. Aside from this, Simon is also a lecturer offering digital marketing lessons for Hyper Island and Google Squared and mentoring entrepreneurs.

Simon has also written and published marketing books, guides, videos and reports that have been read and watched by millions of people around the world. He regularly appears on television to discuss the impact of digital on business, culture and society. When he is not doing any of these, he produces music, plays as a DJ or organising social events.

Get to know more about Simon on Twitter @eskimon and LinkedIn

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Highlights from podcast with Simon Kemp

5:14 Simon Kemp on how he started in the digital and social media scene

7:45 The surprising growth in social media usage to 3.5 Billion

9:57 How India’s access to the Internet will impact the global Internet scene

10:57 Simon’s take on traffic by device

13:30 How new tech and apps are affecting the usage in smartphone usage

14:13 Why television is still the second most important source for brand discovery

15:32 The difference in social media adverts and TV adverts and which works best

19:53 The rising use of voice and why Youtube is the best place for it

26:06 The era of smart speakers and why people are liking them

29:00 How the esports audience numbers have grown from last year

37:37 Why ad blockers are becoming more popular

38:51 How social media has become the primary news source for the younger demographic

44:18 Why Discord is the rising star among the new apps

47:44 How Snapchat has become increasingly popular to teens and young adults

50:25 Why Pinterest can be useful for branding

53:19 The team and sponsors behind the Data Reportal reports. Visit for more info

54:13 Sports Geek Closing Five

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Digital 2019 Q3 Global Digital Statshot (July 2019) v01

Some tweets you may have missed:

Wow! 3.5 Billion active social media users

Australia ranks 4th on mobile internet speed. Do you agree?

Cool! Snapchat is still kicking the numbers game.

India is really growing fast in digital.


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Awesome Podcast

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Matt981 from Australia on April 20, 2018

As a student studying Sports management Sean has greatly increased my knowledge of the digital side of the field and helping my kick goals. Cheers Sean