Sean Callanan chats with Vincent Ircandia from StellarAlgo about his entry into sports and diving into the business analytics to see where teams can maximise revenue.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Vincent Ircandia's backstory on his sports business career
  • How StellarAlgo was founded
  • The rise of data analytics in sports
  • The importance of collecting fan data
  • The difference in working with pro teams and minor league teams
  • How StellarAlgo helped LA Galaxy maximise conversion and customer lifetime value
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Our fave quote from Vincent Ircandia

I think the important part of being a data nerd is knowing the practical knowledge and information that can become actionable out of that data. 

Vincent Ircandia

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About Vincent Ircandia

Vincent Ircandia is the Founder and CEO of StellarAlgo, a company focused on fan data analytics through the usage of machine learning technology and their SaaS customer data platform. The Company is based in Canada and works with some of North America's largest sports and entertainment brands.

Vince has wide experience in the sports industry having worked as the Senior Vice President of Business Operations for Portland Trail Blazers focusing on organizational strategy, revenue strategy, ticket operations, CRM/consumer insights, business opportunity analysis, innovation and technology, and marketing automation. Prior to his stint at the Trail Blazers, Vince was the Director of Business Operations and Analytics for AEG Sports where he provided analytic support to AEG's North American and European sports properties including the LA Kings and LA Galaxy.

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Highlights from podcast with Vincent Ircandia

4:37 Vincent Ircandia’s backstory on his sports career journey

8:27 What are the similarities between different fan bases

9:16 Vincent on moving to Portland Trailblazers and working on leveraging their data

15:37 How StellarAlgo started out

20:27 Where does StellarAlgo fit inside a sports organisation

24:22 How StellarAlgo helps the teams or organisations start their data journey

27:05 How StellarAlgo’s data platform helped LA Galaxy retain and nurture their fan base

32:55 Vincent’s thoughts on the value of data in esports teams

37:56 Why de-anonymising your audience can bring better results

44:36 Sports Geek Closing Five

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Some tweets you may have missed:

Congratulations to Vincent and the whole StellarAlgo team

Good to be at the National Sports Forum 2019

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