Sean chats with Ryan Kaveney Chief Fan and Commercial Officer for the GWS Giants.  Ryan discusses the opportunities to develop a new fan base in Western Sydney for fans while building passion for Giants members along for the ride.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Ryan Kaveney's sports career journey and the reason behind his title at GWS Giants
  • The difference in clubland culture and other sports
  • How Ryan's team work to increase fan participation
  • The growth of the club with the Giants AFLW and Netball teams
  • The effects of the Giants theme song to both fans and non-fans
  • Why you should be a Sports Geek Nation Foundation Member now
Ryan Kavaney from GWS Giants

“We are a fan first club and that our members and our fans are really important to us and really it's not just about the commercial side of the outcomes, it's about making sure that we're delivering a great experience on Game Day.” Ryan Kaveney

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Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Ryan Kaveney

3:14 Backstory on how the GWS Giants started in AFL

7:23 Ryan Kaveney’s background into the world of sports that led him to the Giants

11:59 The challenges of growing the brand

15:34 The first things Ryan worked on upon joining the Giants

18:01 The reason behind the Chief of Fan and commercial title

20:17 How Ryan’s team work to increase Giants fan participation

22:39 The tree funnels of fan acquisition – participation, community and everyone else

27:20 Growing the club with Giants AFLW team and Giants Netball team

29:51 How the modified game AFLX helped in getting people play footy

36:10 The effects of Giant’s theme song to both fans and non-fans

38:16 Sports Geek Closing Five

46:28 Sean speaks more on what you can get when you sign up to Sports Geek Nation Foundation Membership now – FB Group, Monthly Q&A and BONUSES

50:55 Sean invites you to attend SEAT Dallas this July 21-24 as he will be doing his Digital to Dollars keynote

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Informative and humourous

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by MorryMorgan from Australia on June 2, 2018

Useful for not only sports clubs but for anyone building digital marketing campaigns.

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