Season 10 of A-League has kicked off with bigger crowds, bigger TV ratings and bigger buzz, I catch up with Rob Squillacioti to discuss scheduling, fan experience and football.  On ABC Grandstand Francis Leach and I discuss the NBA season and my new hero Rikk Wilde.

Rob Squillacioti talks about A-LeagueOn this podcast you’ll learn from about:

  • Importance of scheduling to the hot start to A-League season
  • How football fans are critical to success in Australia and around the world
  • How one channel changes made a big difference
  • How big the Wanderers win in Asian Champions League is
  • What milestone did we pass this week with the podcast
  • Who to follow this NBA season
  • Why was #TechnologyandStuff trending for Chevy
  • How you can use Google+ AutoAwesome feature

Resources from the episode

Big start to A-League season 10

Sharing #BeautifulGame moments with Twitter video

Some Twitter stats around A-League games

Big win by Wanderers

Account to follow this NBA season

Joel Embiid- #2 pick for 76ers our all season already hitting on Kim K & Rihanna on Twitter, he doesn't lack confidence.

Leigh Ellis, Aussie on NBA TV's The Starters all worth following and watching throughout the season. Former guest on Sports Geek Podcast, listen to how The Starters came about.

Kirk Goldsberry, sharing shot charts and great stats from his Grantland column.  Love stats check out (in beta)

Bill Simmons , mega NBA fan and journalist behind  He will be on Sports Geek Podcast one day, tweet him and let hime know.

Daryl Morey,great advice from from Daryl or is it Daryld?

Social Media Post of the Week

MJ with strong selfie game with #MJTakeover

Shane Warne not so much (click on this link at your peril)

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