ZainP asha from Sporting InnovationsThis week on Sports Geek podcast I chat with Zain Pasha from Sporting Innovations and Arthur Gillion from Melbourne Victory we discuss sports marketing, fan engagement, membership marketing and latest Apple products

On this podcast you’ll learn from about:

  • How Sporting Innovations use technology at Sporting Park
  • How iBeacons can be used to enhance fan experience
  • How Sporting Park is a beta platform for Sporting Innovations
  • Why the membership message is so important to Melbourne Victory
  • How much A-League has grown in 10 years.

Resources from the episode

Arthur has some football skills

Great point Zain

Sporting Innovations at SEAT in Miami

I know how you feel Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe's son says

Watch my son's reaction to my left at 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay

Callanan Shimmy from 2010, my son Rhys is to my right

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