Sean Callanan chats with Rob Mills from Gemba about fan research, broadcast and sports sponsorship valuation using Turnstile.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • The origin story of Gemba
  • The current trends in sports and sponsorship
  • How sponsorship valuation has changed
  • How much will China affect sports world in the next 10 years
  • The changing nature of sports broadcasting and broadcast deals
  • What Turnstile is and how it came about
  • How can brands engage with esports
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Rob Mills on Gemba's key philosophy

When we started the business our observation was that it was a really data business and it was a lot of decisions that were made on gut feeling and we're trying to help clients make a more informed decision and there'll always be some gut in it, there should be it otherwise it will be very robotic strategies.

Rob Mills, The Gemba Group

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About Rob Mills

Rob Mills is the Global CEO & Director at Gemba and Turnstile.

Prior to Gemba, Rob spent ten years working with Adidas where he got to work on combining strategic planning and fashion. He worked in the apparel, footwear and communications department which gave him a better understanding of the sports business. In his last couple of years with Adidas, he became part of the Global Olympic Strategy team which gave him a glimpse to the world of international sport.

With his experience from Adidas, Rob started a business that evolved into what Gemba is today, a leading authority in sport and entertainment offering services across insights, strategy and communications.

Rob believes he might have been destined to work in sport and entertainment having developed a cricket tournament hosted in a carpark near their home, running horse racing nights and building stadiums in art class when he was a kid.

Connect with Rob Mills on Twitter @Millsyrob

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Rob Mills

3:58 How Rob Mills got into the sports business space

4:34 An overview about Gemba and what it does

8:21 The importance of data in strategy development

11:45 Rob on helping rights holder drive sponsorship values

15:12 How China can be a massive player in the sports market over the next 5-10 years

22:43 How broadcast and sports consumption has changed over the years

32:32 What is Turnstile about and how it has evolved

37:20 The three main components of value in digital rights: benefits, ticketing and hospitality

40:08 How Turnstile is using data to reach new audiences

47:23 Sports Geek Closing Five

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