Matt Scully discusses his sports startup story with Sports Where I Am that solves the problems sports tourists face when planning trips to and around their favourite sports team and events.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Sports Where I Am started and how it evolved through the years
  • Matt Scully's transition from working on a full-time job to startup
  • How SWIAM makes purchasing tickets easier for travelers
  • How fans and teams can both benefit from Sports Where I Am
  • Future plans on expanding Sports Where I Am
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Matt Scully quote

It’s the travel – this is obviously what sets us apart when we talk about “Why us?” but we really focus on that traveller and that travel occasion and everything that goes around that.

Matt Scully on what sets SWIAM apart

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Highlights from podcast with Matt Scully

3:39 Matt Scully and his brother Benn discuss what Sports Where I Am offers sports tourists

5:04 How the idea of building Sports Where I Am came about

8:46 Matt's transition from a full time job to starting up a business – the corporate escape

15:42 The challenges of a startup especially funding and how one key meeting changed the game

25:58 Benn on how community is so important for Sports Where I Am digital strategy

33:07 How ticketing differs for every sport and country and why Sports Where I am works

36:48 Matt on how the ticketing game continues to change

40:13 How they are targeting sports tourists

46:54 Where is Sports Where I Am headed?

49:00 How AFL Legend Nick Riewoldt got involved in the business 

52:48 Sports Geek Closing Five

62:00 Don't forget to use the code SPORTSGEEK for 10% off at Sports Where I Am

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How Sports Where I Am makes attending sports events easier

The Riewoldts trying out SWIAM features

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Really good feedback from SWIAM users

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Sports Where I Am is a sports travel startup helping fans find a book sports events in over 200 cities worldwide.

They are located a few steps away from Sports Geek HQ  at Creative Cubes so we can offer 10% off your next ticket purchase using the code SPORTSGEEK.