Sean Callanan chats with former FFA CMO Luke Bould in this Sports Geek interview.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Luke got his start in in the music industry
  • Why Luke was drawn to sports and how much disruption sports has faced last 20 years
  • Luke and Sean compare athletics careers (it's a very short section of the interview)
  • How cricket solidified it's playing base with a participation program run nationally
  • What was it like at Cricket Australia in the early days of Big Bash?
  • What Luke learned about the football industry at FFA.
  • The opportunities and challenges facing football in Australia
  • Why participation needs to be a key strategy for sports & governments
  • How data and technology is driving massive change in sports both in consumption and participation
Luke Bould - alacria

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Great information from an insider

★★★★★ citizenchimp via Apple Podcasts

This podcast is truly full of gold if you’re a marketer or agency looking for insights in the sports industry. Sean really knows his stuff – he’s spoken publicly at many occasions (I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him firsthand) and as someone in the trenches the anecdotes and data couldn’t be more up to date and valuable. Well worth a listen!

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