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A look behind Australian Open (#AusOpen) digital

A look behind Australian Open (#AusOpen) digital

Be sure to tag it #AusOpen says Kim TrengoveOn the final Sports Geek Podcast of 2013, we chat with Kim Trengove and Daniel Lattimer from Tennis Australia as they prepare for the Australia Open.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • What the Australian Open hope to achieve at Australian Open
  • Plans for Social Shack at Australian Open
  • Why Instagram is a growing platform for Australian Open
  • What does Tennis Australia do for the other 50 weeks of the year
  • What it is like to be on the inside when your content takes off
  • Big moments from 2013 at Sports Geek

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Resources from the episode

Australian Open Social Shack

Take a look at the finished #AusOpen Social Shack, thanks to Jessica Ivers Instagram.

Social Media Post of the Week

Send in your nominations for best social media post of the week – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine… for whatever reason fan engagement, sponsorship activation, cool content….

Send me a tweet @SeanCallanan or @SportsGeek with your nominations

Closing 2 Cents

Get focussed in 2014 - Fans first, Content second, Platforms third.

Save the date

On Tuesday January 21st we will be hosting another #SBNight at HONEY, stay tuned for event detail early in 2014, we had a great time at last year's #SBNight.  If you work in sports business in the sports capital of the world Melbourne you must attend.  I'll be interviewing a few guests and it will be a great night of networking.

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Happy New Year from Sports Geek

A Look Behind Australian Open (#AusOpen) Digital Transcription

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