Sports Geek Podcast Presented by SEAT ConferenceVery excited announcement in this Sports Geek Podcast, we are happy to announce in partnership with the first Sports Trendsmap built for the A-League All-Stars game against Manchester United. In this episode I chat with Francis on ABC Grandstand how Sports Trendsmap cam together and I talk about some of the future plans we have for it. After a brief appearance by Kevin Naylor from Indiana Pacers to promote SEAT Conference I take a look at some advanced Facebook ad options using Custom Audiences.

More specifically, in this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • How Trendsmap pulls in tweets using API
  • How Sports Trendsmap works for an event or brand
  • Why you should be careful where you walk when in Boston Celtics locker room
  • Why does SEAT conference have closed sessions?
  • How you can target your database with Facebook Ads
  • How you can increase app installs for you team mobile application.
  • What is a Facebook Dark Post?

SEAT Conference - August 4th-8th in Kansas City

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