Sean sits down with Brandon Defina GM of Gravitas to discuss our entry into esports and what we have learned after our very first season in OPL.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Brandon “Juves” Defina on how his sports career from playing soccer to esports
  • The challenges of managing a new esports team in the OPL
  • How the Sports Geek processes and tools helped in developing Gravitas
  • What does high performance looks like for an esports team
  • What were the hits and misses in Gravitas content point of view
  • Why Twitch is the primary game streaming platform
  • Plans for Gravitas in the OPL Split 2

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Our fave quote from the podcast

When you're a player, it's like you can have your blinkers on pretty much and it's the game focus. But stepping into this [GM role], it's like there are so many relationships you can make and so many people that you can help and can help you and it's the biggest thing I've learned.

Brandon Defina on what he has learned as Gravitas GM

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About Brandon “Juves” Defina

Brandon “Juves” Defina began his sports journey as a soccer player at the university where he was studying Exercise Science. It was an injury that made him shift from contact sport to esports. At the time he was on rehab for his injury, Brandon will be home playing FIFA on the PlayStation with his friends. He was challenged by his friends to try League of Legends – the first game he ever played on a personal computer and the rest was history.

In 2015, Brandon played jungle for Sin Gaming, a League of Legends team in the Oceanic Pro League (OPL). He is well known by the name “Juves” in League of Legends, a name in reference to the Italian soccer club Juventus FC. Juves also played under a Mammoth jersey when the team acquired Sin Gaming in 2018.

Juves was also active in promoting mental health awareness for esports athletes. He was an athlete ambassador for Headspace in 2018 supporting mental health awareness for athletes.

In 2019, Juves became the General Manager of Gravitas, SG Esports' League of Legends team in the OPL.

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Brandon Defina

4:21 Brandon Defina chats about his sports background

7:33 The ecosystem of League of Legends

8:30 How Brandon aka “Juves” in the League of Legends space joined the pro league

13:51 What it was like to be managing Gravitas from a former player’s point of view

17:03 How did the Sports Geek processes and tools worked in building Gravitas

27:27 What does high performance looked like in esports

29:04 How Juves helps the Gravitas boys have the right mindset before the games

31:35 The challenges of having a new role and a new team

33:16 What were the wins and losses in the content point of view for Gravitas

39:43 Why Twitch is the primary streaming platform for gaming

47:00 Sports Geek Closing Five

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54:08 Learn more about Gravitas on

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