This week I catch up with Finn Bradshaw about his background in News, his time at the Herald Sun, how Australia won back the Ashes during his first year with Cricket Australia as well as the role that the new Cricket Australia website will play for the new season ahead.

  • Finn's first year with Cricket Australia
  • The change in tactics from the Cricket Australia Digital team
  • Cricket Australia's new website and their strong focus on content for the new season ahead
  • Their partnership with Nine and Accenture
  • Cricket World Cup and how they're tackling it as a digital team

Finn Bradshaw from Cricket Australia on Sports Geek Podcast

Resources from the podcast

Keith Olberman fires up about cricket.

Tweets from Finn you may have missed

Very proud of the new digital offerings from Cricket Australia

Big fan of Bill Simmons as discussed on the podcast

Ready for a big summer of cricket

Friendly banter with AFL Media back in Herald Sun days

How things have changed… the return serve.

Did you know Finn was a SAMPion?  Listen to me chat with Steve Sammartino after car launch on ep #29

Why wouldn't two Melbourne digital guys meet for the first time in New York via Twitter?


Social Media Post of the Week

Congrats to Dirk Nowitski becoming the 9th All-time leading scorer in NBA history, I was lucky enough to see his 20,000 NBA point on Sport Geek Trip back in 2010 as discussed with Brad Mayne in #63

Lucky enough to be in the building for Dirk Nowitzki's 20,000th point back in 2010.

Posted by Sean Callanan on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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