On this Sports Geek Q&A episode Sean Callanan answers the following questions:

  • What Audio Books do you recommend? from David via email
  • Who do you think will lose the most money in Esports in the next 5 years? (I know quite a few folks will make lots of $$, but with new ‘movements' I find it a good thought experiment to delve into the opposite side of that scale.) Tinus Le Roux via Twitter DM
  • How to connect with a sports business community in your city Ilja at Sports Business Melbourne Meetup

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Question 1 comes from David via email. He asks What audio books do you recommend? Actually listening to a few books. Recently I am an audible subscriber and have I do try to read some books, but audio audible books and audio books are my preference. Some of the ones that I've really loved have been Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. The story of Nike, one that I'm halfway through the minute from Oren Kleff Flip the script. It's his second book or I think it's his second book. I've also listened Pitch Anything. If you're trying to pitch an idea or a business or a pitch for funding, both of those books are really good from Oren Kleff. Another one that I've listened to Angela Duckworth. Grit. I really enjoy than you can. You can watch Angela's Ted talk on Grit. It's really good. So much so that I've made great one of our values for Gravitas. One book that's actually I think I have read and read it and listen to it is Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton. I think it is. And it's the back story. The early days of Twitter. So. I'd love to see it become a movie. It's got a bit of The Social Network about it. But if you love Twitter and if you remember Twitter in its early days, you would enjoy hatching Twitter. I'm currently listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall. He does love. He does love a name drop. But it is interesting listening to the early days of bodybuilding and Conan The Barbarian and the like

Second question came via Twitter DM Tinus Leroux from Fan Cam, former podcast guest. He asked and I don't know if it's in jest, but I'm going to take it on face value, he asks, Who do you think will lose the most money in sports in the next five years? (I know quite a few folks will make a lot of money, but with the new movements I find it a good thought experiment to delve into the opposite side of that scale.) Thank you, Tinus. That's why I like you as a friend. You're always challenging my opinion. It is a good thought experiment. I'm hoping I'm not one to begin with that with my own team Gravitas and what we tried to do with SG Esports. But I think the people that will all of these aren't esports specific answers. They like start up answers. But I guess the only esports answer would be a team only rollouts saying, hey, we're a team, we've got a sports team, we play esports. We play esports doesn't justify the big valuations in my opinion. I think they need to find some diversification and find different methods to bring in revenue, not just by our sponsors, because it's not that different to a sport in that sense. And they definitely need to leverage more of the digital audience. But the more more Start-Up advice would be investors not invested. By that, I mean investors who are buying into the idea and the buzz around a sports but not really rolling up their sleeves and learning the business and understanding the business to understand the audiences and the nuances. So I've seen a little bit of that with people buying in and thinking these rivers of gold there were about to dive in and understand it. I think also inside the sports and the gaming culture is potentially people who were unwilling to try new things. I don't think the perfect solution and the perfect implementation has been found as yet. But if you're going to stick to your ways and say this is how we've always done it, that's a certain way to lose money and fail. And then the last one, which is, you know, again, smart business practices, those who don't manage their costs. So we're taking a slightly different tact in 2020 and having a. Very hard look at our costs to make sure they're not spending money again. Business fundamentals not spending more money than we're bringing in. So keeping those costs under control and tying tying costs like players and things that we're doing this base to revenue, I think get figuring out that piece and tying revenue that's coming into a sports to some of the outgoings will make a lot of sense. I think there is a bit of consolidation across multiple sports are seeing an overwatch now where the cutting of costs and those kind of things. So we're not we're not just diving in on the buzz. So I think you're a bit of business sensible sensibility, I guess. So hopefully that answers your question. I look forward to our next long walk in New York next time we catch up Tinus.

Last question actually came in real life at Sports Business Melbourne from Ilja. She actually asked how do you connect with the sports business community in your city? Well, for one, she was. Ilya was already kicking goals by turning up to a meet up. If you're in Melbourne sports business, Melbourne will be will be running one every month. So just simply look up. Sports Business, Melbourne on MeetUp.com. I will put the challenge back out to my good friend Russell Scibetti to see if SB Week is going to fire up again and have meetups around the world. So meetup is a good way of doing it. LinkedIn is probably the primary method these days to connect with sports business executives if do it in the right manner. I think, you know, if I go back in the day, Twitter would have been a really good way to connect with sports business executives. But more and more am seeing less and less, which is unfortunate. I meant I met a lot of really great people, including people like I just mentioned. Russell Scibetti, Tinus have both been on the podcast. J.W. Cannon, Shane Harmon and the like have all been really active on Twitter. They're still out there. If you use the #SportsBiz hashtag and you join in the conversation and reply and have conversations around things that are shared. But it's very it's very global. So it's really hard to potentially know where people are, but you can find out where people are by connecting with them. But I'd say probably the best places is LinkedIn. And the thing is, if you're an up and comer, please customize the invite, say what you want while you're connecting those kind of things. It is a bit of a bugbear for sports executives who do get bombarded. Remember, they're getting bombarded on both sides. If you're a sports executive for a team, you're getting bombarded by venders and consultants trying to pitch you services and then you're getting bombarded by up and coming sports business marketing graduates that want to get a job. So you've got to push yourself a little bit outside that box to be noticed and to make a genuine connection. So that would be my ways for you to connect with your sports business community. And if you don't have a meet up in your town, start one, because guess what? You put it up there and people turn up. So I've had the Sports Business Melbourne meetup for. Five years now in intermittently run it on occasion and sometimes consistently, sometimes not as different things take take. Take priority. But this year, make it a priority to run one every month as it's just a catch up. Let's catch up. Talk about the business. And so far we've had a couple. We have one in November. We have one in January. We can have another one in in February, March. And you know the rest. You know, all the other months. So, yeah, if you're in Melbourne, come along.

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