In this episode of Sports Geek, Sean Callanan chats with Aileen McManamon, Founder and Managing Partner of 5T Sports Group

On this podcast, you'll learn about:

  • How did Aileen end up in the sports tech industry?
  • Sustainability and sponsorship CAN work together
  • Why is sustainability important to all industries, not just the sports industry?
  • How can sports grow sponsorship revenue by replacing verticals that will be phased out?
  • Advances in stadium tech to improve sustainability and save costs.
  • Opinions of younger fans matter. They care about the climate.
Aileen McManamon on Sports Geek

Listen to Aileen McManamon from 5T Sports on Sports Geek

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Resources from the podcast

As discussed on the podcast

Aileen McManamon at #3BLForum at New York City

5T Sports Group is a certified B Corp

Follow Aileen for more on sustainability

Look forward to our next catchup Aileen (and Lenny).

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