This week on Sports Geek Podcast we chat with Adam Bader about his time at Real Madrid growing the digital platforms to reach Real Madrid fans around the world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Phillip Hughes family and our friends in the cricketing industry.

On the Sports Geek Podcast you will learn:

  • How social media is a powerful platform to allow fans to grieve
  • How Adam got his start at Real Madrid
  • How a simple character change sky rocketed Real Madrid's Twitter following
  • What does Cristiano Ronaldo the most liked man on Facebook focus on
  • The importance of a multi-lingual strategy for Real Madrid's global reach
  • Importance of using the”bloody platforms”
Sean chats with Adam Bader about his time at Real Madrid

Resources from the podcast

Tweets from Adam you may have missed

Completely agree with Adam here, Twitter lists under utilised by Twitter.

Crazy story of copyright infringement

Thanks for the chat Adam

Great view of the action

Envy of Real Madrid fans around the world.

The Real Madrid players are massive brands in their own right

Real Madrid using new Twitter video feature with sponsors

Infographics in a tweet.

For a laugh

One of the funniest athlete endorsement adverts of ALL time, from Japanese TV. WHAT THE?

Social Media Post of the Week

Australian and cricket fans around the world mourned together on social media.

Thoughts with Finn Bradshaw and his team in this tough time.

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