Last year Foursquare was lucky enough to partner up with the NFL & offer badges for #SB45.

Over 200,000 people checked into to Super Bowl Sunday, but this year like all other advertisers Foursquare has to pay to leverage off “Super Bowl” which comes at a hefty price tag ($3.5M for ad sports like these already released).

They have partnered up with American Express & Pizza Hut to offer this deal when checking into Super Swarm Sunday.

Is this deal too complicated & the right offer on Super Bowl Sunday?

To claim you must follow these steps:

  • Check-in to Super Swarm Sunday – Easy (although it can be hard to find the location initially on iPhone at least)
  • Sync your Amex card – Will people do this on Super Bowl Sunday? Do people have privacy concerns?
  • Buy a pizza from Pizza Hut with Amex. – Will people need pizza after a huge Super Bowl party spread?  If they do wont they go to local pizzaria?
Although I'm sure a lot of Foursquare users will check in to collect another badge (90,000 so far) it will be interesting to see if the people follow through to deliver for Pizza Hut & Amex.
What do you think?  Why did you check-in to Super Swarm Sunday?