Offer from NFL after checking in to Super Bowl Sunday


Big winner for #SB45 with over 217,888 fans checked into Super Bowl Sunday to shout “Go Packers” or “Go Steelers”.  Foursquare did experience some traffic issues with the crush of football fans checking in from around the world.  It will be interesting to see how many fans redeem the code at because we looked hard at the offer (right) expecting to find a discount code.  However the code is revealed on the Packers or Steelers Badge awarded below which goes against the standard offers from Foursquare merchants & may have been missed by some fans.

The promotion provided great exposure for Foursquare in the social media community and again showed the Foursquare users like the gaming element collecting badges.  Expect these promotions around big events to continue for Foursquare especially around sports as it does not require a team or league to claim a venue.


Twitter again played a big role as “special comments” to #SB45 looking forward to seeing the stats from Twitter to see how it handled the big day. provided a Twitter visualization of Super Bowl tweets which was sponsored by Visa.  Although not ground-breaking as similar mashups were created for the World Cup it was interesting to track some of the returns for Visa's sponsorship.  Thanks to we can see that over 13,000 people clicked through to see the Black Eyed Peas playlist (with Buy Now buttons).

Also doing well on Twitter were @NFL promoting the Foursquare check-in tweet gaining several retweets but strangely did not use #SB45 in any in-game tweets.

Check in to the first-ever global venue on foursquare and shout “Go Packers” or “Go Steelers” for special #SB45 badges. Feb 06 15:17:41 via web


Facebook for Sports provided a Replay app to vote for Super Bowl commercials & the NFL asked fans to pick a team via a Pick-the-Winner poll.

Best response on Facebook, one status update after the game from Packers Fan Page garnering almost 50,000 likes.

Nearly 50,000 likes for Packers victory


YouTube was a big winner in the #brandbowl as the advertisers fought it out in every ad break.  Some advertisers did well to engage fans during the Super Bowl and alerting to them where to see the ad online but YouTube made it very easy with the AdBlitz channel.

The NFL sitcom take got 5 stars at @SportsGeekHQ and the VW “The Force” did well with it's pre-release going viral days before the Super Bowl (Over 18M views).

What did you like online about the Super Bowl?