Super Bowl 46 Ads pre-released on YouTubeFollowing the lead of Volkswagen who last year pre-released their ad “The Force” before the Super Bowl 45 we are seing more ads released earlier to gain viral buzz & even identify hashtags to be used when the New York Giants take on New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI or #SB46.

Welcome Back Ferris

Here is Matthew Broderick with a Ferris Bueller take for Honda CRV.

Jerry tries to bribe

And Jerry Seinfeld who wants a Acura NSX pretty bad… remember tag it #JerrysNSX 😉

May the Bark be with you

Volkwagon are sticking with the Star Wars theme with this teaser, which includes a Facebook enabled invite & game

And Darth Vader makes an appearance supporting the Vader Kid!

Polar Bears make a comeback for Coke

Coca-Cola is keeping something up their sleeve saying the ads will change depending on the game situation.

Honda pitches with NHL

This simple ad does a great job of identifying what we all want…passionate fans.

Dicky V is tenacious!

Dick Vitale matches up with Michelle Beadle in a battle for Bridgestone.

Chevy goes the crowdsourcing approach

Chevy runs a competition to find it's ad, here's a preview but they have also released a Game Time app.

Audi dusts Twilight fans #solongvampires

Audi tap in the the vampire boom with a funny ad.

We'll add more as they get released.
Which one do you like so far?
Will you be watching the game for the football or the adverts?