My presentation at SEAT in Miami was supposed to be a showcase of sports digital case studies around the world as I meet with, work with and talk to sports business executives through my consulting work and podcast interviews.  As I pulled together the campaigns it become obvious that the sports fan is changing and digital is the driver.

Fans no longer need to paint their faces to show their support for their sports team.

Digital allows them to support them on whatever platform and manner that suits them all from the comfort of their home, mobile or for some at your stadium.

Each fan uses digital to fit their personality and how they use each platform.

Digital is the face paint of a sports fan generation

Here is my presentation from SEAT

This presentation was given at SEAT Conference in Miami on July 22nd.

Full eBook available to SEAT 2014 (#SEAT2014) attendees and subscribers to @SportsGeek News for a limited time.

Presentation given by Sean Callanan, eBook includes stats and quotes from campaigns explained in this presentation. Teams include Tampa Bay Lightning, Portland Trail Blazers, AFL, UEFA, Adelaide Crows, NASCAR, Arsenal, Melbourne Storm, Golden State Warriors, NBA, St Louis Rams, Football Federation Australia, US Soccer, Detroit Red Wings, University of Miami, Mountain West, LA Kings, Houston Rockets, Hawthorn Hawks and Super Awesome Micro Project.  


SEAT2014 Thanks to these people who helped with case studies and quotes for eBook  

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