Ever wonder how many retweets your fave AFL team gets?

As you can see from this tweet below after the Cats won the 2011 Flag Twitter only reports 50+

But now there is a tool that will go behind the tweet & tell you how many retweets any account gets.

That tool is MyTopTweet.com we've used it to analyse the AFL Twitter accounts.

Retweeting is just one Twitter metric, it only counts Twitter retweets not old style retweets where fans add comments before the RT which would be recorded as a mention.  As new people sign up for Twitter these retweet numbers will grow as Twitter apps make the old style RT harder to do.

So who is the most retweetable according to MyTopTweet.com?

1st – Cats Twitter RT Premiers

Winners are grinners can now be updated to be winners are retweeters, but it looks like they convinced Harry Taylor to join Twitter with 491 RTs

2nd – Pies fans love prizes from Twitter

Looks like Collingwood fans can't resist a RT when asked especially when a prize is on offer, Coles would have loved the RTs.

When looking at footy related tweets good to see Mick Malthouse getting some RT love.

3rd – To Blues Fans the next Judd is a big deal

Game hashtag for #RichardPrattCup was a success, throwing in a signed hat didn't hurt but the Blues fans didn't need prompting to RT the arrival of Oscar Judd.  Why not include a hashtag? #nextjudd, #anotherjudd, #juddprodigy to suggest a few

4th – Demons fans Good News/Bad News

Great RT numbers for the signing of Mitch Clark and also the non-signing of Tom Scully. Just shows breaking news MUST be tweeted preferably with a supporting web article to drive traffic. Interesting the announcement of new captains got 50% less RTs than Scully news but off-season & mid-morning timing may have played a hand in that. As with Judd tweet, co-captain announcement should have included a hashtag like #unionjack, #captainjacks or even #GenDLeaders.

5th – Hawks push past 10K but still love Crawf

A common method of getting past milestones is the RT us tweet, which gets a few new tweeps but standard tweets that get retweeted get more fans.  Like the Judd baby tweet the Hawks fans are salivating at the thought of 4 father-son selections.  Would it get as many RTs if Crawf has twin girls?

6th – Gold Coast everyone's second team

Top tweets are the Suns looking to grow the fan base which is expected with only a few highlights in season 1, will they see more results related top tweets this season?

7th – Bomber fans love award winners

Great to see the Bombers fans rallying behind footy tweets with Heppell & Zaharakis taking out awards at end of year.

Will we see RT number rise as the Bombers improve?

8th – Swans love SCG & Tadhg Kennelly

Another RT competition as Top Tweet but also a club great retiring getting RT love, would have been enhanced with a link & a hashtag like #tadhgretires2

9th – Coaching news dominates for Crows

Crows top tweets come from their coaching change, good to see web links & hashtags included.

10th – Kangaroos fans RT to win

Kangaroos fans are motivated to hit RT when a prize on offer, unfortunately the announcement Andrew Swallow only received 32 RTs.

11th – West Coast love finals return

Great effort by John Worsfold rewarded with a new contract & plenty of RTs from West Coast Eagles fans.

12th – Tigers fans like winning, who doesn't?

For a brief moment the Tigers were in the 8, nice tweet which got some RT love from the Tigers faithful.

13th – Saints fans seen enough viral tweets perhaps?

St Kilda fans most likely ignored Twitter in 2011 after far too much NSFW tweets of St Kilda footballers going viral how else do you explain the 2010 tweet being the 2nd most retweeted tweet?

14th – Brisbane Lions – Welcome to Twitter

Lions have been slow to join the sports digital revolution but are using the RT competition to let people know they are now in the game.

15th – Dockers say goodbye to Harvs

Only 1 tweet from the Dockers exceeded the 5o+ RTs badge from Twitter, although Dockers fans did like the new reworked club theme song.

16th – Bulldogs lose Ward but regain Hoops

Bulldogs were late to the social media game but are growing steadily, like Scully the Ward news spread quickly, but the Doggies fans loved the return of the hoops with the #HoopsAreBack hashtag helping it trend.

17th – Port Adelaide need to grow fan base

Two great footy news tweets from @PAFC but they don't have the Twitter fan base to get the RTs.

18th – GWS Giants just starting out

The Giants are new the AFL perhaps Kevin Sheedy will bring in the tweeps?

Some other interesting RT numbers…

Check out where your team ranks in terms of Twitter followers here.
Why do you RT your team?  To Win? Because you won? Or do you prefer an old style RT?

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