We have run fan digital battles before between Manly & Rabbitohs, West Coast & Collingwood & recently between Storm & Bulldogs.

We are now able to provide a more intense battle of the most passionate fans as the Brisbane Lions with Digital Pride & West Coast Eagles with The Swoop have developed strong digital cheer squads using Sports DP.

The goal is to grow the digital cheer squad of both teams while having fun with the fans along the way.

How will it work?

The battle will be fought over Facebook & Twitter & measured via Sports DP analytics.

Goal 1: Build Digital Cheer Squad

Each team will be trying to build their digital cheer squad getting more fans into The Swoop & Digital Pride so they know exactly what the team wants them to do.  Every time the fan checks their score they'll get a hint on how to be a better digital fan & how to increase their ranking.

Goal 2: Game Day Excitement on Facebook

The Pre-Game Facebook post is a big part of the Sports Geek success formula for game day, it rallies the fans into action whether they are heading to the game or watching from home.  Both teams pre-game posts will be measured for engagement from fans.

Goal 3: Mascot Facebook Battle

West Coast Eagles have Rick & Brisbane Lions have Bernie,  we will measure the % of fans in Sports DP that like each mascot.

Rick The Rock

Bernie ‘Gabba' Vegas

Goal 4: Hashtag Battle – #golions Vs #goeagles

Game day hashtags help bring your fan together, with the digital cheers squads leading the way we can track the overall reach & number of tweets each team's game day hashtag will have.

#golions using TweetChart

#goeagles using TweetChart

Goal 5: Team Retweet

The retweet is a very powerful way for any Twitter account to grow, we will see how many fans retweet the team tweets over the weekend. Here is the top tweets for @WestCoastEagles & @BrisbaneLions, can we top that on the weekend?

Are you in the Eagles camp? #goeagles

Read the Eagles call for Swoopers, Eagles on Facebook and Twitter @WestCoastEagles

Are you a Lions fan? #golions

Read the Lions fire up the Digital Pride,  the Lions on Facebook and on Twitter @BrisbaneLions

Stay tuned on Monday for the results from the game.