The Melbourne Storm hosted the Canterbury Bulldogs at AAMI Park on Saturday but there was also a #digibattle setting digital fans against each other on Facebook & Twitter.

The Build Up

Via Website – The #digibattle is ON! Storm V Bulldogs

On Facebook

Storm fire up fans on Facebook before the game


On Twitter

Via Website – Bulldogs VS Storm Digital Battle

On Facebook

Bulldogs fans we're fired up for a big game against the Storm

On Twitter


The Results


Metric: Number of likes obtained pre-game

Melbourne Storm – 147,321 Facebook fans, 1761 likes, 150 shares & 84 comments
Canterbury Bulldogs – 80,016 Facebook fans, 551 likes, 22 shares & 109 comments

Canterbury Bulldogs (*adjusted to match Storm FB fan numbers) – 1014 likes, 41 shares & 201 comments

Sports Geek Analysis:   Storm asked fans to share getting great reach with 150 shares, the Doggies fans have their say with more comments.  Always remember you goals when posting to Facebook and don't be afraid to ask fans to like and share.

Melbourne Storm WIN


Metric: Battle of the Hashtags – #PurplePride Vs #DogsOfWar

Storm #PurplePride – 14,317 Twitter followers, 1471 tweets, 501 people tweeting & 362 retweets
Bulldogs #DogsOfWar – 8,765 Twitter followers, 1189 tweets, 387 people tweeting & 291 retweets
Bulldogs (*adjusted to match Storm FB fan numbers) – 1942 tweets, 469 people & 475 retweets

Sports Geek Analysis: Great result for Bulldogs who only started using #dogsofwar this year.  Although Storm has more people tweeting the Bulldogs fans were more active tweeting & retweeting more showing their digital cheer squad supported their team despite the result.

Canterbury Bulldogs WIN

Perhaps a rematch will occur come finals time?

Good work by Dan & Jess behind the scenes both working hard for Storm & Bulldogs, perhaps we'll add Instagram as a Tiebreaker in the Finals?