Collingwood & West Coast Eagles battled on Sunday not only at the MCG but also online, here are the results.

The Build Up


Via Website – Smash the digital Eagles!

On Facebook

On Twitter

It's game day! Warm up your #gopies voice as we look to take down the Eagles at the MCG later today.Sat May 28 22:53:57 via web

West Coast

Via Website – Beat the Pies in our online battle

On Facebook

On Twitter


@WCEofficial fans – click to find out how you can be part of the digital battle against @Collingwood_FC this weekend!Fri May 27 00:54:13 via TweetDeck


The Results


Metric: Increase in YouTube channel subscribers (over just 4 days Thursday to Monday!)

West Coast – 294 subscribers with a 7% increase
Collingwood – 1854 subscribers with a 9.5% increase

Collingwood WIN

As Collingwood took out the YouTube round you get to see that Dale Thomas banana goal if you haven't already…


Metric: Number of likes obtained pre-game on Sunday

West Coast – 1076 likes or 1.3% of Facebook fan base
Collingwood – 4830 likes or 3.6% of Facebook fan base

Collingwood WIN


Metric: Hashtag usage & volume

West Coast  – 181 tweeps sent out 294 tweets using #goeagles which was 3.3 % of followers at 0.07 tweets per follower
Collingwood – 376 tweeps sent out 1316 tweets using #gopies which was 2.4% of followers at 0.08 tweets per follower

West Coast WIN

Great engagement by both fans across Facebook & Twitter and growth on YouTube will no doubt allow fans of both teams to get closer to the action.   Sports Geek is looking forward to helping the Eagles & Pies grow their digital fan base as well as the deepen their relationships with fans via social media.

Overall Winner Collingwood 2-1

Perhaps a rematch will occur come finals time?