Sean Callanan chats with Shannan Gove about his sports career building a business helping solve the problem of managing staff paid & volunteer for major sports events.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Shannan Gove on starting up a business
  • What are the problems that could run in major sporting events
  • How Rosterfy started and what does it do
  • What are the type of sports events that Rosterfy has worked on
  • The key steps to their international expansion
  • What are their plans for the next 12-18 months
Learn more about workforce management solutions for sports events with Shannan Gove

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Rosterfy's main pitch

There are two reasons why we exist. One is to reduce administrative time and costs involved with managing workforce and secondly to increase retention and engagement of workforce.

Shannan Gove, Rosterfy

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About Shannan Gove

Shannan Gove was a sports management student at Deakin University when he first saw the need for motivated staff into sporting events. As a sports student himself, Shannan knew the need to experience actual sports is beneficial and thus this is a good motivation to work better in sporting events. This prompted him and his cousin to start a business they eventually called the Event Workforce Group (EWG). EWG provided opportunity for sports students to get hired into sporting events so they do not need to worry about looking or getting short on staff.

As EWG eventually catered to bigger sporting events like the Superbowl, World Cup and Masters, they have developed a technology around workforce management solutions. Thus, Rosterfy started. Rosterfy now is one of the global leaders in workforce management technology.

Shannan is an expert in paid and volunteer workforce operations and has a great knowledge to empower and incentivise a sustainable workforce for sporting events.

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Shannan Gove

4:03 Shannan Gove on getting started in sports business

4:46 The short story on how the Event Workforce started

5:59 How the staffing solutions in events was before

8:55 How Rosterfy started

11:56 What type of events that Rosterfy has really worked for

13:39 Rosterfy’s main pitch

15:20 What was their first big international sporting event

18:40 How they balance running a staffing solutions business (Event Workforce Group) and a software as a service business (Rosterfy)

21:26 The challenges in workforce space in major events like Super Bowl

23:47 The process of application at Rosterfy

25:09 What the Rosterfy team look like

26:15 How do the staff members and volunteers communicate

33:41 What were their key learnings on technology solutions

35:56 Rosterfy’s plans over the next 12 to 18 months

39:39 Sports Geek Closing Five

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