Sports Geek Podcast Presented by SEAT ConferenceWow EPISODE 10, we've hit double figures for Sports Geek Podcast.  Thanks for the support on this podcast we catch up with Russell Scibetti from to discuss sports business and more specifically sports CRM.  Russell will be presenting at SEAT Conference and announce SEAT Conference the presenting partner of the Sports Geek Podcast. We look at Twitter takeovers and how to handle Facebook moderation on your brand or team Facebook page.

More specifically, in this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • How Twitter creates a shared experience for fans
  • How a 19 year old cricketer shows Facebook is a player for viral content
  • Why email is still king in sports
  • The other “MoneyBall” how analytics is changing the business side of sports
  • Who is the Godfather of CRM?
  • Why Twitter takeovers are a bad idea
  • What to watch for if you run a Twitter takeover
  • Why you need a conversation plan for Twitter especially
  • How to determine what to do with Facebook comments in foreign languages
  • Options for dealing with poor or abusive Facebook comments

SEAT Conference - August 4th-8th in Kansas City

Presenting Partner of Sports Geek Podcast

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