We are back for 2019! On our first episode for the year, Sean Callanan chats with Ron Seaver President of the National Sports Forum about his career in the sports industry that spans for over 25 years and the history of the National Sports Forum.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Ron Seaver on working on ticket promotions and sponsorship at the San Diego Padres
  • How working in the agency side brought a lot of new opportunities
  • How the National Sports Forum started
  • The challenges on putting up the forum and how it became a sought-after sports conference
  • What to expect in the National Sports Forum for first time attendees
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Our fave quote from Ron Seaver interview

“I'm like one of those teenage kids if you want me to do something then tell me I can't do it? You bet I can and I'll show you.”

Ron Seaver on pushing the National Sports Forum

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About Ron Seaver

Ron Seaver has established his name in the sports industry with over 25 years of experience. He began his sports career with selling tickets for the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball and worked his way up to get involved on sponsorship and promotions. His experience with Major League Baseball enabled him to explore better opportunities this time on the agency side.

After leaving the Padres, Ron took the role as the Vice President of Fantastic Sports Promotions establishing and managing their merchandise division and working with different corporate sponsors along the way. This experience gave him an opportunity to start his own company Seaver Marketing Group which owns and manages the National Sports Forum.

The National Sports Forum aims to invite sports professionals from different kinds of sports into one event to share ideas that each attendee can learn from.

The 24th National Sports Forum will be held on February 10-12, 2019 in Las Vegas. For more info visit the National Sports Forum website.

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Highlights from podcast with Ron Seaver

1:57 Ron Seaver on starting his career in sports with the San Diego Padres

6:39 Ron on finding success with sponsorship sales

8:26 How working in the agency side opened more opportunities for Ron

11:34 How the National Sports Forum started

13:03 The challenges in putting up the National Sports Forum together and how his persistence worked to make it a successful global event

18:41 Taking the National Sports Forum to Las Vegas in 2019

19:54 The possibility of talking about sports betting at the forum

25:20 Some of the top speakers to look forward to in the forum

29:39 Why esports will be one of the focus topics in the forum

30:20 What the attendees can learn from the National Sports Forum

33:19 Sean on bringing the Digital to Dollars workshop to the National Sports Forum

40:42 Ron’s advice for the first time attendees of the forum

45:03 Sports Geek Closing Five

2019 National Sports Forum in Las Vegas Preview

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