Steve DeLay from chats with Sean Callanan about his experience in sales & ticketing and how to fill every seat in the stadium.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Steve DeLay on playing high school hoops getting his start in sports business.
  • What NBA, NHL & MLB have in common in ticketing.
  • Explanation of the ticketing sales process in USA
  • How Facebook advertising has changed the ticket sales game
  • How The Ultimate Toolkit helps fill the last seat in the stadium
  • Steve on being an owner of the Macon Bacon baseball team
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Steve DeLay quote

Sport is about entertainment. Sport is about smart intelligent marketing showcasing that fans can have a great experience at your games and selling them the product they want.

Steve DeLay

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Highlights from podcast with Steve DeLay

2:54 Steve DeLay on playing high school hoops and starting out with Cleveland Indians

4:56 Working for New Jersey Nets and why you can learn working with bad teams on court

8:19 The differences in ticketing between NBA & NHL

11:07 Steve on how the ticketing sales process works in USA

13:10 Three ways to increase your business with a sports team

15:15 Steve on getting the right mix in sales and ticketing in your content

20:42 The value of data in the sales process, the right audience is everything

22:23 How Facebook advertising changed the ticket sales game

24:59 Why it’s important for the sales and marketing teams to communicate

27:39 How The Ultimate Toolkit came about

31:09 How the sales and ticketing strategies that can be applied in Australia

32:58 Why membership model works in AFL

37:55 Steve chats about team ownership with Macon Bacon

39:50 Sports Geek Closing Five

49:53 Sports Geek Nation AMA

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Still great looking attendance in Macon Bacon matches.  Every seat in the house!

The Macon Baseball fans know how to party.

What better way to sell Bacon tickets than in a bacon pack

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Incredibly informative

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by armatt from Australia on May 22, 2017

I thought I had an okay core of knowledge in digital, until I started listening to this podcast. I'm learning so much from Sean and his guests, while being entertained. Outstanding.