AFL Variable Ticket Pricing ExplainedVariable pricing, why are sports around the world doing it and why is it confusing fans?  In a different Sports Geek Podcast I break down the AFL variable pricing for MCG and Etihad.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • What is variable pricing
  • What is will cost you to go to a game at MCG and Etihad this AFL season
  • Pricing is a process not a project
  • What part demand plays in variable and dynamic pricing
  • Importance of moving up value with price increases
  • Which big guest will be on next episode of Beers, Blokes & Business.

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Resources from the episode

Sports Geek explains Variable Pricing

Bonus animated gifs…

MCG AFL 2014 Ticket Pricing

MCG AFL Variable Pricing in animated gif

Etihad Stadium AFL 2014 Ticket Pricing

Etihad Stadium AFL Variable Pricing

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A Look into @AFL Variable Pricing Strategy