Sports & Australia – long history, bright future – Kate Palmer – CEO Series

Sean Callanan chats with Sport Australia CEO Kate Palmer about her long career in Netball and how Sport Australia is helping Australians be more active and continue high levels of success on world stage.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Kate Palmer on her sporting career from playing netball to becoming a sport executive
  • How Sport Australia's Move It #FindYour30 campaign started
  • How a high performance program helps to address leadership diversity
  • How Sport Australia is supporting para-sports
  • Where esports fit in Australian sports scene
  • Sport Australia's strategic plans for next year
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Our fave quote from Kate Palmer interview

Sports is really a great connector. It does bring people together in a community. It does impact on people’s mental health. It does impact on the cardiovascular system. It does connect us to the community and make us feel that we belong.

Kate Palmer on the value of sport and finding your 30

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Highlights from podcast with Kate Palmer

4:12 Kate Palmer on her journey into sports from playing netball to becoming a sports executive

6:30 Kate on importance of providing opportunities for women to get into sports

11:15 The role of Australian Sports Commission in sport and why it changed to Sport Australia

11:55 Kate in taking the role as CEO of Sport Australia

12:23 How did the #FindYour30 campaign started and how people received it

16:59 How they work in leveraging the campaign with Move It Australia branding

20:30 The value of sports in Australia

21:26 Kate on Sport Australia’s efforts in supporting para-sport

24:22 On launching a high performance program for female athletes

28:44 What to look forward to in Sport Australia in the next 12-18 months

30:17 Where does esports fit in the Australian sport industry

33:27 Sports Geek Closing Five

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Some tweets you may have missed

Sport Australia's #MoveItAUS is an inspiring way to get active

Looking forward to seeing more of these programs

Truly an inspiration for more women to get into sports

Can not get enough of Kurt Fearnley

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