Sean Callanan chats with  Joshua Barney from Utah Jazz from his role driving all things technology at the Jazz to his role driving esports for NBA2K team Jazz Gaming.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Josh's role in early technology rollout for Utah Jazz' Vivant Arena
  • How the Utah Jazz integrated app into stadium
  • Why Josh considers himself a long time gamer
  • How Utah is developing a strong video game development scene
  • How Josh found his way to Jazz Gaming
  • What is it like at the NBA2k Draft night for season 2
  • Learn more about the Hype Spin Sports Tech Accelerator
Learn more about esports from Josh Barney of Jazz Gaming

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Josh on his love of gaming

I developed a love for the storytelling and some of the games to this day my favorite game of all time is still the original Zelda. And just it's it's one of those things that you develop a relationship with the games and so I played video games forever.

Josh Barney

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About Joshua Barney

Josh Barney has spent the early days of his career in the world of technology working as a network engineer. In 2008, he moved into the Director of Technology role at the Vivint Smart Arena which was the home of the Utah Jazz playing in the National Basketball Association.

When Vivint Smart Arena underwent renovations in 2017, Josh led the rolling out of technology on the stadium to make it the ‘Arena of the Future’. While at it, Josh realised his love for video games and so he had a conversation with the Jazz organisation to incorporate competitive video games into the business. Six months later, an opportunity to join the esports horizon came in and the Jazz were invited to join the NBA 2K League. They’ve named their esports team as Jazz Gaming and Josh is the one overseeing the team while still providing his tech expertise to the entire Utah Jazz.

Resources from the podcast

Some tweets you may have missed:

GG WP (FYI means Good Game Well Played for those not in esports)

Game day feels

NBA2k Draft as discussed on the podcast

* not actual photo of Josh

Best of luck in Season 2

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