Sean catches up with Greg Mize, Director Digital Marketing at Atlanta Braves on the latest podcast. Greg talks with Sean about hackathons, innovation & content.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How MLB share resources to ensure road game coverage matches home games
  • How the Atlanta Braves are using Facebook Live
  • How Instagram Stories may help Snapchat grow audience share
  • Why Atlanta Braves hosted a hack-a-thon
  • New form of ticketing with Braves Monthly Pass subscription
Greg Mize on innovation and content at Atlanta Braves

Resources from the podcast

Some tweets you may have missed

Braves super fan

Batter up for Atlanta

Brave's favourite moment

A moment to remember for Greg

MLB pre Fort Bragg game prep

Home away from home


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Excellent advice!

in iTunes by StrengthsMomma from USA on July 13, 2016

Sean's combo of passions for sports, communication, and technology are perfect. He makes it easy to understand. Love it! (And his accent doesn't hurt 😉 ) On my favs list!

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