Josh Tucker Dodgers Social Media Manager #ITFDBBeen a busy few weeks at Sports Geek, last weekend at the SCG I caught up with LA Dodgers Social Media Manager Josh Tucker who was in town for Opening Series.  AJ Maestas from Navigate Research for a chat about his study into sports and social media fans.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • How Josh manages Twitter and engages Dodger fans
  • The importance of using favorite button on Twitter
  • What tools Josh uses to manage Dodgers social accounts
  • Why engagement is the metric of importance in MLB
  • How sponsors are clamouring to be involved with sports teams social media
  • How fans are influenced by sports teams and athletes
  • The importance of understanding the value of social media in sponsorship

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Resources from the episode

Social Media Post of the Week

Nice slow motion video work by Josh on @Dodgers Twitter and Vine accounts.

Watch Jerry West teach kids how to shoot

Jerry West “I haven't shot a basketball in years”

Closing 2 Cents

Marcia Hines did a terrific job singing the national anthem at the SCG Opening Series but then made this mistake on Twitter.  She confused former Australian Cricket captain Ian Chappell (pictured) with former English Captain Tony Greig (deceased in 2012) it went viral on Twitter.  Always know who you are tweeting about.


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Josh Tucker from LA Dodgers & AJ Maestas on Sports Social Media Fans Transcription

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