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Fiona Green on understanding your fans using CRM

This week on Sports Geek Podcast we chat with Fiona Green about Sports CRM and understanding the CRM process over the tools used.

On the Sports Geek Podcast you will learn:

  • Importance of CRM strategy
  • Process first, then automation is the key
  • Recency, Frequency & Value
  • Where social fits in to CRM
  • What other data you might have access to right now
  • Importance of your home base
  • How Liverpool view social media
Sean chats with Fiona Green about Sports CRM and Business Inteliigence

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Agree with Fiona, worth watching.

Always look outside your industry for inspiration

Travelling across Europe teaching CRM best practice.

Worth following for articles like this

Watch those typos!

Twitter card in action

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