Craig Neeb chats about his dual role in the International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR and how technology changed the motor racing sports landscape.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Craig Neeb on how he got into the world of sports business
  • How technology differs at a race track compared to a football stadium
  • The role of digital in creating an ultimate fan experience
  • Why esports is a big opportunity for NASCAR
  • Why Daytona 500 is an iconic event
  • Success of Sports Geek Nation AMA sessions
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Craig Neeb quote

The success of the sport really relies on the stars of the sport because they're the ones who create the storylines and they want to carry that drama that causes people to want to watch

Craig Neeb

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Highlights from podcast with Craig Neeb

4:36 Craig Neeb on how his sports business career started

6:58 Understanding what International Speedway Corporation do

8:25 Craig describes the tech scene at International Speedway Corporation in early 2000’s

10:03 How the technology on a race track differs from a football stadium

15:04 Craig’s dual role at the International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR

20:21 Developing a mobile app for an ultimate fan experience

22:51 The role of social and digital in motorsport events

28:35 How NASCAR is using new technology to enforce car specifications

32:49 Why esports is a big opportunity for NASCAR

39:59 Why Daytona 500 is so iconic

42:32 The value of investing in a motorsport stadium

45:17 Sports Geek Closing Five

52:12 Understanding how Digital To Dollars can work for you

53:48 Sports Geek Nation AMA highlights with Tim Baker

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Fans still love the sport

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Great resource

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Dave Wakeman from USA on February 27, 2017

I thought I had an okay core of knowledge in digital, until I started listening to this podcast. I'm learning so much from Sean and his guests, while being Sean does a fantastic job of getting great guests that provide various POVs and ideas that aren't always best practices in sports. If you are in sports business or interested in sports business, check it out.