Sean Callanan chats with Aussie basketballer Chris Anstey in this Sports Geek interview.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Chris Anstey's rookie season crossed paths with The Last Dance Bulls
  • What was Chris thinking not getting in the game in the first half
  • How Chris helped lead an improbable comeback to force OT
  • Tangling & niggling with Dennis Rodman
  • Dealing with the isolation and travel of being a professional basketballer
  • What Chris learned from Steve Nash about team practice
  • Advice for young basketballers looking to improve in isolation
  • How Chris is developing as a coach and who was the best coach he had
  • How the basketball world even enemies are coming together to support Parky

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Chris Anstey - Artwork by @SKETCHNKUSTOM

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Resources from the podcast

Chris' Facebook Post

Which inspired this from @SKETCHNKUSTOM

Videos from the Bulls Mavs game

Don Nelson recap with bad Aussie accent

Add here is the full game from March 12 1998

And a quick appearance at the start of episode 3 of The Last Dance

One Slide – Two Minutes

How marketing has shifted

From presentation given to SBS in 2017 in preparation for World Cup, listen to Sean explain and remix this slide on the podcast

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A must listen for digital minded sports fans

★★★★★ Addicteddavo via Apple Podcast

If you're into technology, digital marketing, social media AND sports, then this is the podcast for you. Sean covers some great topics and is always up to date with the latest trends happening in sports, from the NFL and NBA right through to Australia's very own AFL. Some excellent guests and great flow to the entire podcast. A+