Sean Callanan chats with Casper Heiselberg from F.C. Copenhagen

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How did Casper get his start in sports digital at the age of 17
  • How a love for Manchester United and web development launched
  • How F.C. Copenhagen embraces digital
  • Insights into the rebuild for FCK.DK including why Casper stopped development
  • The advantages of knowing how to code when working in digital
  • How digital teams supports commercial outcomes like ticketing
  • Developing new ticketing offers like subscription ticketing
  • Why Telia Replay is vital for the fans inside the stadium
  • Why you should support Sports Geek Patreon
Casper Heiselberg, FC Copenhagen

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Casper Heiselberg on developing digital skills

It was a passion project, we've written over 29,000 articles since 2003.  It's a playground for my developer skills and digital understanding.

Casper Heiselberg on project

Support Sports Geek on Patreon

Support Sports Geek on Patreon

Resources from the podcast

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The passion

The instagram post discussed on the podcast, “blocking rival team”

Highlights from the Europa League match that happened a few hours after our interview

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