AEG Sports' Aaron LeValley chats Digital and CRM LA Kings and LA GalaxyOn this week's podcast I chat with Aaron LeValley from AEG Sports about how the LA Kings and LA Galaxy tackle digital and data hand in hand.  In our SEAT Sponsor Series I chat will John Brams from Extreme Networks about wi-fi in stadium and their new partnership with NFL as wi-fi analytics partner.

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On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • Why CRM and Digital teams work in unison at AEG Sports
  • How the LA Galaxy plan to build on season ticket base
  • How LA Kings used direct messaging on Twitter
  • Importance of privacy as marketers get access to more data
  • How LA Galaxy use marketing automation to sell more tickets
  • How the wi-fi landscape has changed
  • The importance of understanding each stadium has different needs and different fans
  • What were people doing on their smartphones while watching the Super Bowl.

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Resources from the episode

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Super Bowl wi-fi stats

Top 10 Benefits of Purview Application Awareness at Super Bowl XLVIII

Watch Kouta's advert

Check out 3D Projection on court

Forgot to mention this on the wrap up on the podcast, but watch this video

Closing 2 Cents

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Sydney Cricket Ground transformed for #MLBinOZ

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Aaron LeValley Chats Digital in LA with Kings & Galaxy Transcription

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